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Friday, April 11, 2014

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted June 16 2012, AND June 28, 2012

...hey, when's the last time we had a...

...GingerPoll? Quite awhile, honestly! Well, as I am slaving away on 'The Gay Divorcee' review (it's gonna be sometime next week, y'all...), I started thinking...since this is the first of five GandF films directed by Ginger's bud, Mark Sandrich, I'd just post this simple poll (you see where we're rolling toward, right?

Which of the Mark Sandrich - directed GandF films is your favorite?

The Gay Divorcee

Top Hat

Follow The Fleet

Shall We Dance

Carefree for George Stevens' "Swing Time", Sandrich truly was THE 'director of the franchise', VERY begrudgingly, we must give him props for that... but he should have been a bit more cordial to our girl, y'know?

Anyway, there's the poll... hopefully I'll make a decent dent in the 'Divorcee' review this weekend...I'll most likely 'minimize' the number of screen caps for the dances, and MAY defer to the 'Divorcee' blog...THAT'S probably gonna be the norm from here on, as the 'uber-Ginger-face-time' movies will just be impossible to have all the caps in one review post... I KNEW there was a reason to set all of those up!

Hope the weekend goes well for all of y'all out there...we have clear skies and upper 80s, so I'll probably do some outdoor stuff... about that time, right?

Remember, vote early and often! ...and,

Keep It Gingery!



  1. GAH, you just had to make a poll that is sooooo difficult!!!!! I would say my favorite would be Swing Time, but since these are directed by Mark Sandrich............ I guess I must go with my second favorite, Top Hat. But still this poll is hard!!!
    And can't wait for the Gay Divorcee film review!

  2. that was a difficult choice, Top Hat is my favourite movie of all time (and i did vote Top Hat) but i'm a big fan of Carefree more for it being more of a Ginger and Fred movie as opposed to Fred and Ginger however i am aware that had nothing to do with Sandrich
  3. That was difficult - I love them all, but in the end had to go with Top Hat as it's the perfect package, sets and everything (and Swing Time isn't in the mix, to make it even harder to choose!) plus I've just seen it on stage for the second time and can't stop humming the songs!

  4. I went with Top Hat also but like FredandGingerMad Carefree holds a special place in my heart as it was more Ginger's movie than the others. And I expect if Ginger didn't already have a Mark Sandrich doll to stick pins in before this movie, she certainly did after. It was at this point that Sandrich suggested Ginger take singing, dancing and acting lessons. Carefree wonderfully demonstrated her superior talents. So there, Mark Sandrich!

  5. PS Happy Father's Day, Huey!! :) 

  6. GF11 - well, yeah, it's kinda tough...I like different parts of all of these...not picking a 'fav', least until the voting is over... and hang in for 'divorcee'...hopefully by the weekend...oof.

    Kat - Top Hat is ultimately the most 'mainstream' of the GandF films... pretty hard to go wrong with it...I love the final scene, with them strolling down the cool.

    CMM - well, good to hear you've seen the 'Top Hat' show as well...Kat has been to it a few times...waiting for it to make it to the states...would love to see it, if it is within a day's travel, which seems like most things concerning Ginger isn't from here, dang it!

    Lady F: thanks - had a cool Father's day...hope all your dads had a great time as well...
    Carefree is a very different GandF film...they do dance in it, but really don't have the 'production' the prior ones had... but ginger rules in it...I could watch it ovah and ovah may be my fave Ginger movie, Fred nonwithstanding... anyway, Sandrich got some great scenes IMHO, so that's something... but he's still king goob-ah, of course...

  7. Wow Huey, still going strong!
    I voted for follow the fleet parce que j'aime les choses nautical.
    1. ...well, hi there, Beeje!!!

      Hope all is well!

      Yep, still fact, in the process of setting up these 'film blogs'... nut I'm been busy this weekend tearing up my home office and 're-arranging'...dang, I've got a lot of stuff...I'm pretty crozzled! :-]

      I'm a pretty big FTF fan, but...honestly I didn't cast a vote...I'm letting this one 'play out' without interference....

      How's school? hopefully going well for ya. Gimme an update!!!
      AAAAAAND, are you back to blogging? Hope so!

      KIG, Lady B!!!

    2. Haha well I hope that goes well! I was just cleaning out some more stuff, I have tons of clothes and things I want to sell, I need to have a garage sale soon. School is going well, I'm on the home stretch! I'm working in a psychology lab and I have an internship at a TV production company that does Dance Moms (which is like my favorite reality TV show). I'm not blogging for now. I have a good idea for a food blog I want to start though. And I have my tumblrs so there's that but those are just general.
      How's life with you? Did you buy out all of Ginger's property yet?
    3. Dance my daughter's FAV show... we were on vacation in Destin, and unfortunately a few of us were 'under the weather', so we spent one day just holed up watching TV...and wouldn't ya know it, there was a 'marathon' of Dance Moms' on... so I got to know more than I'd EVER thought I would about that show... well, my daughter will get a kick outta that, for sure...
      Glad to hear school is in the home stretch! What will your degree be in?

      Do the food blog! It's always wife has all kinds of recipe stuff on her 'pintrest' site...

      Well, I am having fun keeping up with all this Ginger stuff... if I can get the 'filmblogs' set up, I'll be pretty happy...honestly, those will serve as 'pic storage'... and should help to give info to folks looking for a particular film.
      Of course, I want to get to Boston to see the Ginger stuff at BU... Kat says it will only be on display thru August...I guess Roberta 'donated' all of it there, since there is some of it is already archived there. Good that it's been 'saved', but a bit weird that BU got it...seems like UCLA, or even Oregon would have gotten it...Mizzou, even?

      Keep us updated...

      KIG, Beeje!!!


      Final hours of the poll...

       ...looks like a race to the finish between Carefree and Top Hat... I knew a lot of y'all are big 'Carefree' fans (yeah, I am too!), so not surprised it is faring so well... a bit weird that 'Shall We Dance' is in last place, although I guess it has pretty tough's just one I am really the most familiar with, as my daughter loves that film...we watched it over and over...

      Anyway, that's about all for now...hope y'all have a great is this the 'Independence Day weekend', or is that NEXT weekend? Well, heck... hope everyone celebrates all bloomin' week, how bout that???

      The Divorcee review will appear in the weekend edition of G-ology...BANK on it... :-]

      Until then...



      1. Final Poll Results:

        Carefree - 19
        Top Hat - 16
        The Gay Divorcee - 11
        Follow The Fleet - 8
        Shall We Dance - 3

      2. "...The Divorcee review will appear in the weekend edition of G-ology...BANK on it... :-] ", notice I didn't say WHICH weekend...

        It's getting closer, y'all...all the screen caps are done...all 240+ of 'em... yep, I did NOT stutter... of course, most of those will end up in the Divorcee film site...

        Hope all is well out there - KIG!